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Banana Punch – Weed Strain For Sale

Was there a location on Earth that is more fitting or more soothing and elegant than San Francisco, submerging in a peaceful state of bliss? Okay, it isn’t! Isn’t it such a humorous thing that one of the Golden City’s most calming and beautifully scented medicinal cannabis breeds comes directly? No, that is not true! Ladies and gentlemen, experience the Banana Punch -one of the finest items reflecting the exclusive combination of the Sunset Sherbet and an elusive but intriguing heavy-hitting indica.

Banana Punch is an initial development and is a cross between Banana OG x Purple Punch 2.0. Citrus flavour that puts a smile on your face as you exhale each hit.

The aroma when you crack open the bag of Banana Punch you are punched in the face with a lovely orange and cinnamon aroma

Most herbal experts have identified this strain as a mixture, but controlled by Indica ‘s comments. You may expect your worries and troubles to fade away under the overwhelming blanket of relaxation that is Banana Punch  after lighting up and taking the first blow. Not only do you feel fantastic, you’ll even get the delicious aftertaste of candy from the smoke in your mouth.

One of the reclusive types that people tend to enjoy is Banana Punch . A decadent strain label coupled with frosty photogenic qualities and marketing excitement  has caught the imagination of many people.

One of the most interesting points about the Fam is that they never let their secrets go public. It must be understood that the level of competition within the medical cannabis production domain is gaining hectic pace nowadays. So it can be understood why the firm refuses to reveal such precious secrets. Even though the Banana Punch  strain is extremely difficult to obtain, we ease that process for you. We sell the finest Banana Punch  strain that is available in the market.

You’ll probably feel content and euphoric but not enough to leave the building. You’ll want to find a comfortable place to stretch your legs out and relax after a Banana Punch session, while your physical stresses float away and your mind expands. To others, this means turning on the TV and watching a show. You usually get high after smoking weed well it’s about time you get higher.

Banana Punch  Weed Strain Effects

Banana Punch  Weed strain has numerous physical and mental effects on you including euphoria, altered state of mind, sense of time, attention problems, diminished short-term memory and body coordination, relaxation, and increased appetite. Onset of results is felt within minutes when burned, and when cooked and consumed around 30 to 60 minutes. Depending on the quantity used, the effects last from two to six hours.

Banana Punch  mostly consists of colourised buds obtained from an Indica hybrid. This form is the most commonly consumed. It is the material in stock from which all other preparations originate. Though herbal cannabis and industrial hemp are derived from the same species and contain the psychoactive component, they are distinct varieties with specific biochemical compositions and applications.


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